For 2018 the primary organisers for the workshop will be Western Sydney University, mainly inhabitants of Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment.  Past organisers are James Cook University in Cairns (2016),   the University of Sydney (who held the workshop in 2013 and 2015 in Cobbitty ) and The Australian National University (who held it in 2014 in Canberra).

We are extremely grateful to the experts who provide their services free and travel from other areas to teach stable isotopes, just for the love of the subject.  The following list details these contributors for 2016 - many of whom will return in 2018!

Barbour, Margaret
Bird, Michael
Busch, Florian
Carrillo, Yolima
Cernusak, Lucas
Cheesman, Alex
Dijkstra, Feike
Drigo, Barbara
Ellsworth, David
English, Nathan
Evans, John
Farquhar, Graham
Fry, Brian
Holloway-Phillips, Meisha
Keitel, Claudia
McInerney, Cesca
Munksgaard, Niels
Stuart-Williams, Hilary
Warren, Charles
Whan, Jen
Wurster, Chris
Stable Isotopes in Biosphere Systems
Participating organisations